Silk Road

The Silk Road was once known as a network of trade routes connecting the East and West from the 2nd century BCE until the 18th century. It was named after the enormous trade in silk that came from China. It was central to the economic, cultural, political and religious interactions between East and West. Even though silk was the major commodity it played an important part influencing western cultures with new inventions, different cultural views and philosophies, including Buddhism.

We use the ancient trade route as a name for our own interactions with the different cultures from India, through Myanmar and Thailand and Sri Lanka where we have come into contact with some unique gemstones, jewellery and other bits. So keep an eye on this section, as it may not be Jay’s original designs, but still certainly represents the inimitable character of Unique Stone Jewels.

Each piece on display is a one-off, so once sold will no longer be available. So if you see something you are interested in please feel free to contact us, and we can begin the process of getting the piece to you safely.

We also have GIFT VOUCHERS available at any amount you wish to buy, so please CONTACT us and we will be happy to assist you.

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