Many of our unique stone pendants were hand-cut, polished and drilled from the original rough by Jay in her workshop at home. Others were cut for us by the small private cutters we use while travelling India in our quest for selecting the best quality stones. 

We sell our unique stone pendants as simply as possible on leather (chain sold separately) as we are all about the stone. We can however source and design the final touches to your specification.

Springbok Blou

Natural blue lace agate unique stone pendant. The rough comes from Springbok in the Northern Cape, and was tumbled, shaped and polished by jay in her studio at home.

Size: 60x37x8mm

Weight: 30.5g


Rugged Amazonite

Natural rough amazonite tumble pendant. The rough is from Kenhardt in the Northern Cape of South Africa Jay bought locally, and tumbled and drilled in her studio at home.

Size: 42x31x12mm

Weight: 16g


Map of Carnelia

Sliced and polished natural carnelian nodule pendant. Jay brought this river-tumbled natural carnelian nodule from India and sliced and polished it at home in her studio.

Size: 61x32x4mm

Weight: 13g


Blue Elegance

Natural blue chalcedony pendant. Jay bought the rough in Namibia and hand-worked this unique piece at home in her cutting studio.

Size: 17x33x10mm

Weight: 8.2g


Smooth Blue

Natural blue chalcedony polished oval cabochon pendant. From the same rough Jay brought home from Namibia and cut, polished and drilled in her studio at home.

Size: 26x21x12mm

Weight: 10.1g


Baby Blue

Natural blue chalcedony polished dome pendant. Hand-cut and polished by Jay in her studio at home from rough we personally bought in Namibia.

Size: 40x28x10mm

Weight: 17.5g


Spectral Sheen

Polished natural labradorite pendant. This stone originates from Madagascar, but Jay bought it and had it shaped with one of the private cutters we use in India.

Size: 44x30x12mm

Weight: 23.7g


Halfmoon Rivers

Polished natural labradorite pendant. This stone originates from Madagascar, and we bought it home with us from India where we had it shaped and polished by one of the expert private cutters we use there.

Size: 53x32x11mm

Weight: 25.4g


Sugilite Arrow

Natural sugilite tumble pendant. Natural manganoan sugilite rough Jay bought many years ago in Kuruman, Northern Cape that she tumbled and drilled at home for a unique pendant. The tips are gel, a rare translucent formation of sugilite as seen in the image taken in the natural sunlight.

Size: 36x16x7mm

Weight: 6.8g


Kuruman Charm

Natural manganoan sugilite pendant. Natural rough Jay bought in Kuruman, Northern Cape and cut and tumbled at home in her studio.

Size: 44x20x12mm

Weight: 12.6g


Brandberg Point

Natural terminated Brandberg quartz crystal pendant. From the Gobobboseb mine near Uis in Namibia.

Size: 38x18x15mm

Weight: 11.8g


Clearly Quartz

Natural quartz teardrop pendant. Exquisitely clear quartz polished and shaped for an elegant pendant.

Size: 28x9x9mm

Weight: 3.5g


Blue-green Tourmaline

Natural blue and green tourmaline crystal pendant. Namibian tourmaline with natural crystal skin showing beautiful transparent blue-green colour flare as can be seen in the natural sunlight images.

Size: 21x9x8mm

Weight: 1.8g


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