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Jay has been travelling the world since her teenage years and somewhere along the way she fell in love with gemstones. Since the 90’s she has been selling natural gemstones wholesale to local jewellers.

Following the process from source to jeweller she has gained immense experience backed up with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) course in coloured stones to fill in on the theory.

Inevitably she ended up dabbling in both lapidary and jewellery making. She now has a fully functioning studio at home where she cuts and polishes rough stone for clients, and also experiments with her own creations. In 2010 she passed on her passion for stones to her husband J.D. and they now also have two jewellery benches in a separate jewellery studio in their home, and lots of stones to play with.

Through the years they have been travelling the world, including southern Africa, collecting and buying natural gemstones and crystals to bring home to their studios. They have also designed and had jewellery made at source to bring home and sell.

Unique Stone Jewels is a celebration of gemstones in the jewellery making process, putting these unique gifts from the earth at the centre of the process.

During the Covid lockdown JD honed his website building skills through endless Youtube tutorials to provide a platform for all our beautiful pieces to be seen by you all out there.

For more History follow us below:

Gemstones have always been a way of life in our household, both putting food on the table, and keeping us travelling and enthralled at these beautiful marvels from the earth formed over millions of years.
All of our gems are either bought at source or from a network of reliable stone dealers in the gem capitals of the world that we have been working with for years.
Our intent has always been to strive for both the most ethically sourced stones and a fanatic approach to only stocking natural gems that have not been altered or enhanced in any way, the reason we steer clear of many gemstones, including diamonds.
Jay has bought and collected rough and cut gemstone for years, always setting aside some of the special stones for her own projects. Her lapidary studio is filled with projects she is working on so we intend to keep this website fresh with new offerings. We are also prepared to make specific pieces from your favourite stone if we are able.
So please sign up to our newsletter where we hope to keep you up to date with new pieces of jewellery, impart some anecdotes of our travels and hopefully some educational pieces on the wonderful world of gems.

Use the contact page to get hold of us should you be interested in any of the jewellery pieces, or for information on what is available.

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