Amazon Slabs

South African rough Amazonite that we sliced, drilled and tumbled at home to unique pairs. The shepherd hooks are gold-plated 925 silver.

Size: 8x30mm

Weight: 7.9g


Blue Halo

Natural Aquamarine 6mm crystal slices sit on top of 20mm clear Quartz tumbled beads on 925 silver wire. 

Size: 15x30mm

Weight: 12.8g


Aqua la la

Facet-grade Aquamarine crystalised rough from Mozambique on fine 24k gold-plated 925 silver earring hooks.

Size: 8x10mm

Weight: 2.2g


Blue Chip Stock

Mozambican facet-grade Aquamarine crystalised rough on 24k gold-plated 925 silver earring hooks.

Size: 10x14mm

Weight: 4g


Naked Elegance

Translucent mani ovals of natural Namibian Blue Chalcedony formed at home from A-grade rough. On gold-plated 925 silver wire.

Size: 10x15mm

Weight: 4.4g


Double Blue

Natural Namibian A-grade Blue Chalcedony almond drops cut from rough at home with 925 silver wire and earring hooks.

Size: 15mm

Weight: 4.2g


Local Blues

Natural Namibian Blue Chalcedony cushions. Unique landscape pair cut from the same rough to form the perfect match. Gold-plated 925 silver wire.

Size: 17x22mm

Weight: 6.7g


Sunrise Orange

Natural Carnelian cut to a pair of almond drops with unique inclusive colouring on 925 silver wire and hooks.

Size: 7x10mm

Weight: 2g


Orange Drops

Natural orange Carnelian drops cut to pair on 925 silver wire and hooks.

Size: 8x12mm

Weight: 2.7g


Apple Blossoms

Natural light Australian Chrysoprase drops with 925 silver wire and hooks.

Size: 7x15mm

Weight: 2.3g


Natural Green

Natural green Australian Chrysoprase drops with 925 silver wire and hooks.

Size: 7x15mm

Weight: 2.45g



Natural apple-green Australian Chrysoprase earrings on gold-plated 925 silver wire.

Size: 10x14mm

Weight: 3.3g



Natural light Australian Chrysoprase flat trillion earrings on 925 shepherd hooks, cut and shaped by Jay at home from rough.

Size: 25x25mm

Weight: 8g


The Pastel Four

Natural Australian Chrysoprase faceted briolette drops on 925 silver wire.

Size: 15x20mm

Weight: 3.9g


Jade Bamboo

Natural Burmese Jadeite carved bamboo stalks on gold-plated 925 silver.

Size: 8x40mm

Weight: 13.1g


Cool Kyanite

Natural Kyanite crystal rods on 925 shepherd hooks.

Size: 8x30mm

Weight: 8g


Rainbow Clouds

Natural Indian Rainbow Moonstone 10mm spheres (4) with natural Mozambique Aquamarine 5mm beads on 925 silver wire and 925 shepherd hooks.

Length: 7cm

Weight: 9g


Queen of Kuruman

Dark matrix Northern Cape Sugilite, from rough Jay bought many years ago in Kuruman.

Size: 8x21mm

Weight: 4g


Sugi Baby

Drilled natural Sugilite drop pair from rough from the Wessels mine in Kuruman, Northern Cape. On gold-plated 925 silver wire.

Size: 8x12mm

Weight: 2.2g


Rare Rocks

Natural pink Sugilite slabs shaped from rough bought locally in Kuruman in the Northern Cape. A very rare Rhododnite and Calcite matrix coloured by Manganese. On gold-plated 925 silver wire.

Size: 8x15mm

Weight: 3.8g


Sugilite Kites

Natural Kuruman Sugilite kite earrings from the Manganese mines in the Northern Cape. Cut, formed and polished from rough at home. Hangs on 925 silver shepherds hooks.

Size: 14x28mm

Weight: 7.2g


Wessels Gelly

Natural gelly Sugilite from the original Wessels mine in Kuruman bought in rough and hand-carved at home into a unique pair of earrings. The wirework is gold-plated 925 silver.

Size: 6x10x22mm

Weight: 4.2g


Tourmaline Autumn

Natural carved bi-colour tourmaline leaf earrings from India. We picked up this eclectic pair of carvings in Jaipur on our travels, and turned them into unique earrings with 24k gold-plated 925-silver.

Size: 8x17mm

Weight: 3.1g


Tourmaline Spring

Natural pink tourmaline hand-carved leaf earrings from India. Found them in India and turned them into unique earrings with 24k gold-plated 925-silver.

Size: 9x20mm

Weight: 3.5g


Rutile Rapture

Natural Rutile Quartz set of a bracelet and two pairs of earrings. The bracelet is made up of 7 mani (oval) beads 19x13x9mm, interspersed with 8 gold-plated silver 4mm beads, held together with a gold-plated 925 CC-clasp. It is accompanied by mani and round globe earrings from the same material, with gold-plated 925 silver beads and wire.

Length: Bracelet: 19.5cm

Weight: Bracelet: 21g    Mani: 5g         Round:6g


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