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Unique Stone Jewels

We travel, find and make

We make and sell jewelry from natural gemstones that we travel the world to acquire first-hand. Through the decades we have formed trusted relationships and friendships with brokers and gem-dealers. Through this intimate trust Jay is able to use her experience to hand-select the very best quality gemstones, one of the reasons we have, and never will, buy stones long distance. Locally we travel to mines in southern Africa, and where possible pull our picks and hammers from the car and dig for our own. We commit to full-disclosure as to any enhancement of stones, including heat-treatment and any other artificial practice, other than those treatments generally accepted by the industry. We aim to report provenance to the most accurate of our experiences and interactions. Many stones used in our jewelry were shaped from rough bought, cut, tumbled, drilled and polished by Jay in her lapidary studio at home. All these designs are Jay’s unique originals.

We travel, find and make. Working with the small guys that know us, and know we know stones. We take pride in knowing that each piece is a one-of-a-kind gemstone treasure.

We also have GIFT VOUCHERS available at any amount you wish to buy, so please CONTACT us and we will be happy to assist you.

A guide to our site: The Home page lists all our products available in sections. You can either tap or click the headers to go to a new section in a new tab, or if you see a specific item, tap or click on it to take you straight to that item, with revolving images, all the specs and the price. Else navigate through the main menu. We are not a click-and-buy shop, so please contact us and we will happily assist you to get your unique piece of jewelry to you in the safest and speediest way.
We are always adding new items, and interesting new sections.

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